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Project List

Title Year
Monitoring and Assessment Support to the government’s National Gender Campaign, DAY-NRLM/IWWAGE, 2022-23 2023
A study on effects of digital learning on mental health of students during COVID-19, UNICEF, 2022-23 2023
A Research Study to Understand the Awareness and Practices after the Amendment to the MTP Act , FRHS India, 2022 2022
Empowering Girls through Digital Access 2022
COVID Vaccination, Appropriate Behaviour and Access to Social Protection among Marginalized Communities in India: Mid-term Assessment UNICEF,2022 2022
Regular monitoring of Rural Development Programmes 2021-22, Phase I in select districts of Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, 2021-22 2022
Impact Assessment Study of Media Literacy Initiative ‘FactShala’ 2021 2021
Baseline Survey for Mission Paani Pilot Initiative in Nalanda, Bihar, Water for People, 2021 2021
Formative study on perceptions regarding vaccine for COVID 19: A Qualitative Study in India, UNICEF, 2021 2021
A Baseline Assessment of Perception and Practices related to COVAX, CAB and Government Benefits during COVID-period among Marginalized Communities in India, UNICEF, 2021 2021
Endline Evaluation of the Community Mobilization for Improved Access to SRH Services and Information among Young Women and Men in two tribal blocks of Jharkhand, Ipas Development Foundation (IDF), 2021 2021
Diagnostic and Baseline Study for Mission Paani Pilot Project in Nalanda, Bihar, Water for People India Trust, 2021-22 2021
Digital media to improve knowledge and practices related to maternal, child health, and nutrition under Samvad Program, 2021-22 2021
Development of Model Curriculum On environment and energy conservation for the Media Students 2021 2021
Two Media guide books on Energy Efficiency developed 2021 2021
Media Students Training Program on Energy Conservation 2021 2021
Endline Assessment of Fortification of Mid-Day Meal Programme in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh , World Food Programme (UN WFP), 2020 2020
Capacity Strengthening on 'Promoting Online Safety of Women Journalists', UNESCO 2020
Media Fellows for Reporting on Energy Efficient Building Program 2020
Availability of Medical Abortion Drugs in The Markets of Six Indian States 2020