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Youth First Impact Evaluation: Closing Qualitative Study, Bihar, India, Corstone, 2021

CorStone’s Youth First Program is an integrated, schoolbased, resilience and adolescent health training program that aims to improve mental and physical health, school performance and engagement, self-advocacy, social skills and relationships among youth implemented in 100 schools of Darbhanga and Patna. CMS was assigned to conduct the Closing Qualitative Study (CQS) that aimed to learn about participant’s perceptions and experiences of resilience during post-program period which also coincided with Covid pandemic and lockdown. The YFIE CQS set out to identify how the Youth First Program had benefited the students and differences among the three arms of intervention – Intervention A, B/QES, and Comparison. The study analyses qualitative evidence gathered through Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with students, using Vignettes, In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) with teachers (also using Vignettes), and case studies of teachers and students who showed exceptionally strong resilience attitudes and behaviours (also known as positive deviants or outliers). Additionally, differences between YF participants and non-participants were analyzed.