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CMS Transparency

The CMS Transparency team focuses on issues of good governance, raising awareness about the Right to Information Act (RTI) and empowering citizens to benefit from the legislation. Path breaking initiatives such as the Citizens’ Charter, performance appraisal and social auditing, national annual corruption survey, the Zero-level Corruption Initiative in partnership with the CVC, and creation of forums for discussing electoral and judicial reforms have earned the team praise at the national and international levels.

The team has helped in establishing links with civil society groups and designing campaigns for RTI to further social objectives like transparency in elections, exposing corruption and improving civic services.
Senior CMS functionaries have been involved in the RTI movement much before the RTI Act was legislated. The engagement with RTI Act is far from over for CMS, as it is constantly tracking RTI’s implementation and designing campaigns to create awareness about RTI.



  • Performance Appraisal and Evaluations
  • Integrity Indicators
  • Annual India Corruption Studies
  • Transparency Review
  • Election Studies and Public Opinion
  • Right to Information
  • Political and Judicial Reforms
  • Good Governance
  • Accountability Standards
  • Social Audits
  • Citizen Charter
  • Corruption