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CMS was founded in 1990-91 with an objective to make a difference in policy and practice that contributes to our vision of Equitable Growth and Responsive Governance.

The experience of now nearly three decades of operations and research has given us certain insights and also a definitive philosophy, concern and commitment. The philosophy is that its priorities should be driven from within and it should be independent without having to depend on doles of any kind. The concern is that research should help achieve national goals of equity and empower civil society, enable citizens and facilitate good governance.

What started more in anguish about practices in sponsored research and pitfalls in field surveys, CMS today is an independent and credible body of national standing with acknowledgements for its pioneering initiatives. In the beginning, hardly anyone expected CMS to survive with such priorities and rigid goals.Over these years, CMS has demonstrated how research need not be an end in itself, but how it could help facilitate action, mobilisation and change. And this is not just in terms of mindset and behaviour, but even in policies at various levels.

CMS started with just half a dozen professionals, but today, has more than four dozen full time and several times more project staff. Many more ho have gone from CMS with their initial grounding in applied social research are also making a difference in the country.

I am proud that an organization with such concerns, commitment and accomplishments in the country is able to operate on not-for-profit basis.

Dr N Bhaskara Rao
Founder Chairperson, CMS