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The research and evaluation studies conducted by CMS Social have facilitated programme partners in making corrective measures, as well as to take a note of the findings in their future programmes.

The team continues to focus on providing research, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) support to planners and implementing partners at national and state levels. The key priority areas are livelihood, food security, nutrition, women and child development, elementary education, particularly in the backdrop of the RTE Act. In the health sector, the focus is mainly on research and evaluation studies related to maternal and child health, public health (HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria) and health services in terms of accessibility and availability of human resources, as well as infrastructure facilities.



  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Policy review
  • Developing index on key human development indicators
    • Poverty Index
    • Food Consumption Score
    • Human Capital Score
    • Disaster Preparedness Index
  • MIS database creation


Millennium Development Goals, Employment, Gender, Poverty Alleviation and Livelihoods, Food Security, Child Labour, Migration, Tribal Development, Ageing, Disability, Social Security, Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping
Right to Education, Adult Education (Total Literacy Campaign, Post-Literacy Programme, Continuing Education Programme, Jan Shikshan Sansthan), Elementary Education (Sarva Shiskha Abhiyan-SSA) and Higher Education
Public Health, Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition, Public Private Partnership, Health Infrastructure, Health Economics, Adolescent Health, HIV/AIDS, Immunisation, Safe Abortion, Communicable Diseases.