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CMS Environment has been involved multifariously in policy research and programmes evaluation aimed at creating sustainable solutions for environment protection.

The team will continue to be involved in policy research and programme evaluation aimed at creating sustainable solutions for environment protection. The team will also undertake capacity enhancing initiatives with range of stakeholders to orient on contemporary environment issues like climate change, sustainable transport, conservation, sanitation, etc.

This team has been a member of several committees of Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, and consistently provided environmental communication advisory support to the ministry.

CMS VATAVARAN India's premier film festival on wildlife and environment, CMS VATAVARAN is also an initiative of the eclectic CMS Environment team

Water and Sanitation Research Centre (WSRC) WSRC with the commitment of contributing to the ongoing discourse on water and sanitation issues has been providing research support and building research capacities of the stakeholders. A research resource centre for case studies, best practices, data, information, research papers and research studies is also initiated.

CMS ENVIS Centre Established in 2000, CMS ENVIS is a premiere centre designated by Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India to facilitate information dissemination and further the cause of environment awareness and sensitisation. A separate space in its campus has been allocated to house documentary films, spots/ public service messages, info-mercials, quiz programmes, jingles etc. on environmental and wildlife issues.

Green Films Resource Centre Established in 2007, the Audio Visual Resource Centre (AVRC) is a state-of-the-art archive of documentaries, films and audio spots on environment and development issues.



  • Research and Evaluation
  • Formulating Strategies
  • Environmental Education
  • Corporate Engagement
  • Environment Information Resource Centre
  • Climate Change
  • Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Biodiversity
  • Urban and Rural Environment
  • Natural Resource Management (Watershed, Forestry and Livelihoods)
  • Wildlife Conservation