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Diagnostic and Baseline Study for Mission Paani Pilot Project in Nalanda, Bihar, Water for People India Trust, 2021-22

Reckitt Benckiser (RB) is supporting the Government of India (GoI) in its endeavours to address the water crisis, through its initiative Mission Paani, which aims to generate a nationwide consciousness, action and behaviour change for protecting and conserving water resources while instilling a sense of respect and habit for water saving among the communities. Water for People India Trust (WFPI) by adopting the ‘Conserve-Sustain-Transform’ model for Mission Paani focuses on three key components to demonstrate water use efficiency and self-sufficiency. CMS Social team as a technical research agency conducted a diagnostic study and established a baseline, which will contribute in finalizing program design; concurrent monitoring and to do an evaluation of the initiative with clear recommendations on the scaling up of the pilot within Nalanda district of Bihar as well as in other districts of the state and showcase proof of concept at the national level for its wider replicability.