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Assessment of India Water Project in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. FMC and Drexel z University. 2022-2023

FMC has funded Community Pure Water (CPW) to install reverse osmosis treatment centres (RO Centres) in select villages in 7 states under ‘Safe Water Initiative’ of Project Samarth. The short-term objective of these RO systems is to provide potable drinking water. CMS has been assigned to conduct monitoring and evaluation of their CSR intervention in four states of Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Telengana and Uttar Pradesh. Both qualitative and quantitative techniques have been applied to monitor the progress and evaluate the impact of the intervention. The design for the health component includes three rounds of cross sectional study in both intervention and comparison villages (Baseline, Midterm and End line) and two rounds of monitoring the progress in intervention villages in order to provide feedback for program adjustments. For the CSR component Pre-Post installation design has been adopted. This year CMS conducted a baseline followed by a Pre- Installation survey and one round of monitoring in intervention villages.