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Project List

Title Year
Baseline for Advocacy and Communication (A&C) Indicators Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) and Reach and Engagement of A&C Activities, 2014-2015 2015
Analysis of Media Polls on Delhi Elections(2015) 2015
Benchmarking the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the Global Communication and Public Advocacy Strategy, UNICEF, 2015 2015
End line Survey on Assessment of Volunteering Experience under B for Change Project, 2015, Genx Entertainment Ltd. 2015
Data Collection and Clarification Study on Improvement of Environment in Varanasi city with Kokusai Kogyo Co. Ltd., Japan, 2015, JICA 2015
7th UNICEF Awards 2015 –UNICEF 2015
Rapid Assessment Survey for BAIF Livestock Development Programme “Godhan” (RAS-IV), in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar, 2015, BAIF Development Research Foundation 2015
Formative Research and Trials of Improved Practices for Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) in Bihar, Alive & Thrive, 2015 2015
Evaluation of a multi-pronged intervention to Improve access to safe abortion care in selected districts of Madhya Pradesh, India: Follow up study-II, 2015,Ipas Development Foundation (IDF) 2015
OAK Baseline Study on Knowledge, Awareness and Practices on SRH issues in West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand, 2015, Ipas Development Foundation(IDF) 2015
Lok Sabha Election 2014 2014
Rapid Assessment Survey for BAIF Livestock Development Programme “Godhan” (RAS-III), in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar, 2014, BAIF Development Research Foundation 2014
7th Competitive CMS VATAVARAN - International Environment and Wildlife Film Festival and Forum 2014
Independent Audit of Implementation of Clients’/Citizens’ Charter (CCC) by Central Government Ministries/ Departments (2014) 2014
Sexualization of Female in Hindi/ Bollywood Music in India 2014 2014
Envis Centre on Environment and Media 2013-14 2014
Lure of money in lieu of votes in Lok Sabha and Assembly Elections the trend: 2007-2014 2014
Measuring and Mapping of Media Ownership and Concentration in India and calculation of Company Power Index of 12 major media common ownership units (2000- 2012), ICSSR 2014 2014
Empanelment of NGOs/CSOs under B for Change Project, 2014, Genx Entertainment Ltd. 2014
Media Foundation-“Content Analysis -Coverage of Tehelka Scandal in 6 TV News Channels 2014 2014