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Benchmarking the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the Global Communication and Public Advocacy Strategy, UNICEF, 2015

CMS Communication was assigned to evaluate KPIs of UNICEF, i.e voice, reach, engagement and brand, to measure how effectively the organization is achieving key business objectives notified in UNICEF’s Global Communication and Public Advocacy Strategy Handbook. CMS had measured the four KPIs through tracking and measuring them across traditional media, digital media platforms, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and among general public. 

CMS with its well established partners and sources did measure the level of access and reach of all media platforms, be it traditional or digital for this study. Apart from media evaluation a ‘Readership, Engagement and Brand Awareness Survey’ (REBAS) was conducted in five states of the country representing five zones factoring in indicators such as urban-rural breakup, Socio Economic Classification (SEC) and gender to measure brand familiarity, level of association and support, willingness to donate, and the level of motivation derived from being exposed to UNICEF’s messages and campaigns.