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OAK Baseline Study on Knowledge, Awareness and Practices on SRH issues in West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand, 2015, Ipas Development Foundation(IDF)

The intervention in the Tribal Blocks of West Singhbhum District aimed at issues related to current practices, information need and message formats and women’s barriers in accessing available safe abortion care services. The baseline study was conducted to identify and understand existing gaps with respect to the SRH issues among young women that inhibit their access and use of health services for their various SRH needs. The baseline survey was undertaken in the intervention Blocks of Chakradharpur and Chaibasa as well as in the control Block of Noamundi. A detailed household listing exercise was carried out in each of the sample (56) villages to identify households with married and unmarried youth women (age 15-24 years of age). A total sample of 1120 married and unmarried young women were covered in the intervention and control Blocks for this survey.