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Baseline for Advocacy and Communication (A&C) Indicators Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) and Reach and Engagement of A&C Activities, 2014-2015

In the new GoI-UNICEF Country Programme for 2013-2017, focus is being placed on six advocacy priorities for UNICEF, namely (1) elimination of child marriage, (2) elimination of child labour, (3) preventing neonatal death, (4) preventing stunting, (5) elimination of open defecation, and (6) providing quality education. 

The study was to analyze influencers’ understanding of, and supportive perceptions and attitudes towards these child rights issues. Desk review of reports, content analysis of media reports and legislative debates and questions was conducted to understand the range of issues that were raised under the six prioritized issues. Interviews were conducted with Members of the Parliament and Members of the Legislative Assemblies of select states and Reporters to understand their knowledge and their supportive perception on tackling these issues. They were identified as lead voices during content analysis of both media and debates in parliament and Legislative Assembly. Additionally this study will measure the impact of communication and public advocacy on the substantive priorities of UNICEF’s Strategic Plan and on the lives of children through a uniquely conceptualized Reach and Engagement study.