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Endline Evaluation of the Community Mobilization for Improved Access to SRH Services and Information among Young Women and Men in two tribal blocks of Jharkhand, Ipas Development Foundation (IDF), 2021

IDF collaborated with the state government of Jharkhand to facilitate the empowerment and improve care-seeking behaviour of young women and men on SRH and related issues. As an evaluation partner, CMS Social undertook Baseline (2019) and Endline (2021) evaluations, Using pre–post quasi-experimental research design. The survey for the endline round was one of the first in-person surveys conducted in India post relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions but just before the initiation of second wave of COVID-19 pandemic in India. All protocols related to COVID Appropriate Behaviour (CAB) was followed by the study team and respondents during the collection of data. The evaluation findings will assist IDF and health functionaries to re-strategize the intervention in backdrop of COVID-19 impact on access to services and information, and at the same time use digital/social media tools for sharing of information with the target population in future stages of the intervention. [access at ]