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Periodic Monitoring of the Infant Milk Substitute Act Enforcement in India, WHO India, 2020-21

CMS conducted the analysis of marketing of breast milk substitutes and the inappropriate promotion of foods and beverages to young children in the digital space. This exploratory study was conducted to identify the marketing strategies applied by the manufacturing companies of breast milk substitutes and complementary food for infants. The findings helped gauge the digital ecosystem and establish how the marketing tactics adopted by companies breaches the BMS Code. Data was collected from manufacturers website, E-commerce sites, and social media sites like FB, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. of India. They were analysed for their content and against the IMS ACT to identify how much they are deviating from the code. This study seeks to understand the digital marketing practices related to BMS in three countries, as an initial step of regional assessment. Additionally Health System Assessment, facility review and interview of health service providers, retail review and label analysis were conducted to identify gaps and limitations of current national policies, particularly in their implementation, and to report assessment results in order to promote the creation of a more robust monitoring system to prevent the marketing of breast milk substitutes.