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CMS has a nation-wide network of professionals for undertaking extensive research studies. CMS also works with many institutions in different parts of the country on some projects on a collaborative basis. These systems and arrangements allows CMS to draw upon their expertise in specialised areas, wherever necessary and to undertake field based research surveys in quick, time bound and cost effective manner. 



All India CMS network includes core professionals in various disciplines, supervisory staff and subject specialists at its New Delhi & Hyderabad office. Further, state level organisations have also networked with CMS for field support. CMS has field investigators in about every strategic urban and rural location, working on project basis. This rich pool of human resources enables CMS to undertake time bound micro and macro studies capable of catering to the multifarious needs of a variety of Partners.

The in-depth understanding about the geography, rural areas and field situations and the availability of experienced human resources are some of the key advantages of CMS for proposing to undertake large scale sample studies. With the growing experience of conducting such research studies CMS attaches enormous importance to the Study Ethics, Quality Management and Time Management issues. These are now in-built in the system of CMS’s Research Approach. 



CMS uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods, analytical tools and tracking and feedback studies that are customised to meet partners’ needs. Today, it’s social audit and action research methodologies as well as media content analysis methods are considered as standards in research techniques.
The 3 S (Size of Sample, Spread of Sample and Selection Criteria) and PEE (Perception, Experience and Estimation) are some unique study methods that have emerged as a result of CMS approach to study complex and dynamic issues.