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A Market Survey of Consumers of Cable Television Services in India

Author - CMS | Published - 2014

Indian cable and satellite industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. From merely 410,000 Cable & Satellite households in January 1992, the number of C&S households increased to 68 million (NRS 2006).  This report is based on a market research survey carried out in twenty-two cities by CMS. The subscribers were categorized in to three categories namely, CAS subscribers (in 4 cities), non-CAS subscribers (22 cities) and Direct-To-Home subscribers (22 cities).To capture the views and opinion from the supply side, the study interacted with service providers in each of the selected cities for the survey. The survey interacted with a sample of 5959 households and 965 service providers (LCOs/MSOs) in these selected cities.