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3rd UNICEF Awards Report

Author - | Published - 2011

For the third successive year, the visual media returned an overwhelming response to the UNICEF call to champion the cause of the girl child. A record number of 702 programmes, devoting more than 93 hours of their prime time, focusing on various issues of the girl child were telecast by fifteen popular Telugu television channels, reflecting their commitment to societal concerns, and putting aside their commercial compulsions and the TRP race. Twelve news channels contributed 525 programmes of 2,502.12 minutes and the 3 non news channels telecast 177 of 3,093.11 minutes. Overall, the coverage on girl child by the entertainment channels increased from 2,815 minutes in 2010 to 3,093.11 minutes in 2011. The news channels too increased their coverage from 2,428.55 minutes to 2,502.12 minutes despite their other competing priorities.