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CMS 25 Years Brochure

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Centre for Media Studies (CMS) is a multi-disciplinary, not for profit, think tank engaged in developing and discussing policy alternatives on a wide-range of issues of local and global significance.

Key areas of CMS work are in the sectors of Social Development, Environment, Governance and Communication & Media. In these sectors, generating, compiling and analysing primary & secondary data has been its core strength.

Established in 1991, the objective of CMS is to influence formulation of policies or programs relevant to contemporary challenges in India.

CMS is recognised for its rigorous study methodologies, innovative approaches to research and for the credibility of its findings. It has completed over 663 projects in collaboration with 162 public and private partners across the globe.

The Centre has been articulating its vital concerns by engaging in national debates & discussions, presenting articles, research papers, workshops/ conference papers, reports, monographs, books, directories, journals and newsletters, which are widely covered by the media.

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