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Union Government’s Performance Appraisal- Two Years of Modi Government (2016)

On completion of two years of Union Government, an assessment of the performance of 20 key ministries and their cabinet ministers was taken using a group of indicators, which mainly covered three components of assessment:

  • Initiatives and Action taken in terms of policy decisions, bills introduced, initiatives and schemes, utilization of funds.
  • Keeping Citizens informed and updated through Citizen Charter, Annual Report, Media and Social media interactions and such other instrument.
  • Citizens’ Perception about performance of ministries and ministers

Both primary and secondary research methods were used which included, 1)Analysis of Secondary data and informationincluding review of reports/ documents/ newspaper clippings/ websites/ social media available in public domain, both hard copy and online. 2) Primary collection of data through face-to-face survey among citizens who are users of public services across 15 states.; and 3) Onlinesurvey conducted among service specific stakeholders which included academia, ex-bureaucrats, social activists and media professionals.