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India Corruption Study (2008) – corruption involving citizens in 3 public services

The 7th round of India Corruption study (ICS) has reaffirmed the rampant and omni-presence of corruption in the country. No state or even a village could claim to be corruption-free. And the worst suffer is- a common man-aam adami. This round captured households’ perception and experience about three public services, namely, Public Distribution System (PDS), hospital and municipal/local bodies. The first two services were selected on the basis of earlier rounds, where it was noticed that percentage of households interacting with these two services are more than other public services. The third one was considered as it has more than one service under its ambit i.e. a households could visit a municipal/local bodies offices to avail services related to scholarship (education), housing, poverty alleviation programmes, water and sanitation, birth and death certificates, among others.