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TII-CMS India Corruption Study – with Focus on BPL Households (2007) – corruption involving citizens in 11 public services

One of the most comprehensive studies undertaken in the country covering 31 states/UTs to capture people’s perception and experiences with public services, the CMS-ICS 2007 conducted among below poverty line (BPL) households had brought out that every third household either paid bribe or used a contact to avail the services of government departments in the country. The report was released by Honorable Vice President of India, Dr Hamid Ansari. This was the sixth round of ICS undertaken by CMS almost every year or alternate years since 2000.  Transparency International India co-partnered CMS to use the findings of CMS for advocacy in select states. The report helps put social activism on the right course and the governments on a competitive course to take initiatives for good governance and inclusive growth.