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PLAN India National Consultation on School WASH 2013– Plan India

The National Consultation on School WASH, held on 17 July, 2013 in New Delhi fairly successfully demonstrated the achievements of child-friendly School WASH facilities, piloted by Plan India in the two states of Odisha and Uttarakhand.This project  touched more than 44,000 children, of which 22,000 are girls. 140 schools in Uttarakhand’sUttarkashi and 176 in Odisha’sMayurbhanj district and 145 in Gajpati have been covered.Wall paintings, folk media, celebration of global WASH Days and World Environment Day have also been organized in all three project locations, with the aim of using available opportunities to promote awareness and engagement of community children, women and adults in the process of WASH, keeping the school at the centre of the whole process.