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Robust and rigorous methodologies ensure that the CMS Media Lab’s research conform to the highest standards of reliability and transparency. The Lab’s studies provide vital insights to policymakers, media companies and key stakeholders.



The significant experimentation undertaken by the CMS Media Lab over the last few years has helped it remain at the forefront of issues that truly matter — thematic studies such as media coverage of maternal mortality reduction issues, HIV/AIDS and farmers’ suicides among other pertinent issues.

  • Media Foundation-"Content Analysis -Coverage of Tehelka Scandal in 6 TV News Channels
  • Measuring and Mapping of Media Ownership and Concentration in India and calculation of Company Power Index of 12 major media common ownership units (2000- 2012), ICSSR
  • Sexualization of Bollywood Songs -2014
  • Coverage of Lok Sabha in TV News -2014
  • Coverage of Tehelka Sex Scandal in TV News -2013
  • Chinese PM Visit to India in TV News -2013
  • Coverage of SC judgment on Vedanta in TV News & Print -2013.
  • Delhi Gang Rape Coverage in TV News-2013
  • Prime Time coverage of Japanese Royal Couple in TV News -2013
  • Coverage of Sting Operation on Money Laundering in TV News -2013
  • Coverage of Rahul & Modi in TV News in 2013
  • Political & Religious Movies in India-2013
  • Girl Child & Sanitation Coverage in Print Media -2013
  • DD News Content Structure and Presentation -2013
  • Coverage of Health Issues in print media-2013
  • TV & Print News Trends -2013
  • Case Study on Coverage of Environment in DD News & NDTV 24x7- 2013
  • Rural India in News Channels-2013
  • Coverage of Corruption in TV News -2013
  • Coverage of Anna Hazare in News Media 2011
  • Coverage of Corruption in TV News 2011
  • Coverage of Indonesian PM in TV News 2011




  • Coverage of 2G scam in TV news channels- 2010
  • Front page priorities of national newspapers (English and Hindi language)-2010
  • Coverage of corruption in TV news- 2010
  • Ayodhya verdict coverage by TV news channels-2010
  • Coverage of SAARC countries in TV news and newspapers, 2008
  • Analysis of priorities of AIR news-2010
  • TV news trends & market-2010
  • Prime Time Priorities of TV news-2010
  • Ad trends in TV news-2010
  • Coverage of Bhopal Gas tragedy verdict & Kasab’s verdict-2010
  • Coverage of climate change in news media-2010
  • Coverage of CWG scam in news media-2010
  • Prime Time (7 to 11 PM) coverage of US President Barack Obama’s Visit to India-2010
  • Front page priorities of national newspapers (English and Hindi language)-2009
  • Coverage of Mumbai attack-2008
  • Coverage of Aarushi murder case in TV News channels-2008
  • Coverage of political parties on front page of national newspapers-2008
  • A report on coverage of agriculture in TV news-2008
  • Front page priorities of national newspapers (English and Hindi language)-2008
  • Analysis of Climate Change and related items (“Eenadu, Andhra Jyothy and “Vaartha”) for the period of three months, 2010
  • Translation of 246 articles and news items on climate change and related items for Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), German University. 2010
  • Coverage American President Barack Obama’s visit to India in Telugu News Channels, November 2010.
  • Coverage of Copenhagen summit in Telugu News Channels, December 2009
  • Coverage in Telugu News channels on the controversy over YSR’s death (January 2011).
  • Coverage of IPL Controversy in Telugu News Channels (April 2011).
  • Coverage on the Common Wealth Games in Telugu TV News Channels (October 2010)
  • Coverage of Entertainment component in Telugu News Channels 2011.



Public Health

  • An in-depth analysis of health issues in TV news-2008
  • An analysis of health related coverage of both print and electronic media for Health Management and Research Institute (HMRI) 2009-10.

Analysis of Lok Sabha Elections

  • Coverage of Lok Sabha election in news media-2009
  • Campaign coverage of Political Parties in Telugu Electronic Media-2009.
  • Telugu newspapers (Eenadu, Andhra Jyothy and Sakshi) analysis of 2009 Loksabha Elections




  • Tracking news media with special focus on Elections, Public Policy, Health, Education, Agriculture, Corruption and other contemporary issues
  • Awards for Media (Focused on social and developmental issues)
  • Creating a platform for people working on social and developmental issues to get attention in media (recognising their work through awards and providing interaction opportunities with media)
  • A website/ portal on Social & development resources
  • Advocacy for more coherent and relevant media policies/ practices
  • Collaboration with universities/ institutes for interdisciplinary media research