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Media Engagement Program on Energy Efficient Buildings

Centre for Media Studies (CMS) in collaboration Building Energy Efficiency Project of Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, GoI and Federal department of Foreign Affairs of the Swiss confederation) has launched a media capacity building program on energy efficiency under the BEEP project with a special focus on energy efficient buildings. A series of media workshops and a fellowship programme on building energy efficiency are being organised in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhara Pradesh and National Capital Delhi during 2019-2020.

The objective of the programme is to trigger sustained interest in energy conservation among public through the qualitative reporting by the media persons.

The workshop and fellowship programme will ensure understanding of the information regarding importance of professionally adapted energy efficient and thermally comfortable buildings and will build the capacity of media persons to write well informed stories, which can create awareness among general public as well among policy makers.

Media Fellowship for Reporting on Energy Efficient Building Program

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