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COP21 Summit Coverage Analysis 2016

Quality press coverage of the UN climate negotiations is crucial for the public to understand what was at stake in Paris and what was accomplished. What were negotiators actually arguing over? What did they decide? Is the final document as important as the politicians assembled in Paris said it was? The study tracked electronic media coverage of the Paris climate talks—and its absence – in 6 major news channels of India.

Coverage of Environment in News Media 2015-17

Environmental coverage, if done well, will equate to a better public understanding of the broad range of critical challenges we face and help to make solutions more visible and viable. The study covered the trends in visibility of Environment issues in Indian news media from the year 2015-17. It focuses on the lack of environmental coverage in the news and compares it to entertainment, crime and political coverage.

Coverage of Surgical Strike in PoK in TV News -2016

India conducted hugely successful surgical strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), killing 38 terrorists and 2 Pakistani soldiers in September 2016. The strikes were carried out on terrorist launchpads in POK, located nearly 2-3 Km across Line of Control (LOC). The study takes a look at whetherIndian news channels supported its army to the utmost extent through appropriate coverage during prime time.

Japanese PM Visit to India 2016

Mr. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, paid an official visit to India from December 11 to 13, 2015, at the invitation of Mr. Narendra Modi. Both Prime Ministers signed the joint statement entitled ‘Japan and India Vision 2025: Special Strategic and Global Partnership – Working Together for Peace and Prosperity of the Indo-Pacific Region and the World’. The study covers the extent of the coverage of the developments and outcome of his visit in Indian broadcast media.

Book TV News Channels in India(2016)

The book examines the era of explosive growth of TV news channels in India from the eyes of TV news professionals, critics, researchers and academicians with national and international perspectives. It provides insights on policy and regulation, and investigates important aspects of ownership of Indian TV news channels.

Sheen Bora Murder case coverage in TV News Channels(2016)

The high-profile Sheena Bora murder case dominated Indian TV news channels, setting aside other important issues concerning the nation. The study measured that how much coverage was given by news channels.The murder case not only dominated primetime coverage (8–10 PM) but also consumed one-third of the primetime on the news channels. We analysed 15 days of coverage of six national channels from 25 August 2015 until 8 September 2015. The channels included in the study were Aaj Tak, ABP News, Zee News, DD News, CNN IBN and Times Now.

Analysis of Media polls on Bihar Elections(2016)

This was an analysis based on how Bihar Elections were being covered by media in different TV news channelsand newspapers. Also, evaluating their prediction with the actual results. The study was also on how accurate the predictions were to the actual result.

Analysis of Media Polls on Delhi Elections(2015)

This was an analysis based on how Delhi Elections were being covered by media in different TV news channels and newspapers. Also, evaluating their prediction with the actual results.  

Sexualization of Advertisements(2015)

This study identifies the extent and the level of sexualization of women presented in video advertisements in present days as compared to the older days.

Prime Time coverage of different Head of states Visit to India(2016)

This study measures priorities given by Indian TV News channels to different head of states visit to India and their nature of coverage.



TV News Trends 2005-14

The study measured the TV news trends explaining which type of news was trending the most. Whether it was sport, entertainment or some other type of news. The study was done on a daily basis.

Media Foundation-“Content Analysis -Coverage of Tehelka Scandal in 6 TV News Channels 2014

The media was astounded when a journalist itself was accused of sexual molestation. This study was to understand how media handles and covers themselves in situations like Tehelka sexual scandals.Television gave an inordinate amount of time to this story. We obtained measurement of the TV coverage between the hours of 8 pm and 10 pm from November 21toDecember2, two hours a day for every channel, 24 hours in all.

Measuring and Mapping of Media Ownership and Concentration in India and calculation of Company Power Index of 12 major media common ownership units (2000- 2012), ICSSR 2014

This study is the first extensive research based on ROC data on media ownership and concentration of 12 Big media companies .

Sexualization of Female in Hindi/ Bollywood Music in India 2014

This research paper identifies popular cabaret songs/dance and item songs of Bollywood to find out the extent of the sexualization in these songs to measure the difference in the period of Helen and in the present decade. It also investigates the link between sexual crimes against females and sexual objectification/sexualization of female in the cabaret and item songs. It explores how males and females perceive the effects of sexualization of females in Bollywood songs.

Coverage of Education and RTE in Print 2012

This study was conducted to find the coverage of education in media, specifically print medium and a special case analysis of Right to Education Act (RTE). The study identified the major newspapers published in English and Hindi, place of origin of stories, type of stories written and major education related issues covered by print medium.

Coverage of Tehelka Sex Scandal in TV News -2013 

 When the founder of the Tehelka magazine, Tarun Tejpal was charged for sexual molestation to a female colleague, we started a study which analyzed how different channels covered the charges against him in terms of quality and quantity.

Delhi Gang Rape Coverage in TV News-2012-13

The gruesome incident of the Nirbhaya rape case was something which no one could ever forget. The study, in this case, maps the quantity and quality of coverage produced by major Indian news channels of Delhi Gang rape which shook the nation.

DD News Content Structure and Presentation -2013

This study was aimed to suggest current format and priorities of DD News and how to transform the content system.

Coverage of Health Issues in print media-2013

The focus of the study was to determine how much coverage was given to the health issues by the newspapers in the year of 2013 and if proper information regarding the diseases was given or not.

An Analysis of Coverage of Violence in Telugu TV Serials 2012-13

The debate on what violent entertainment does to society is as old as commercial entertainment television.This study measures how much violence is depicted in major Telgu TV serials and news space. It was analyzed thatout of 144 episodes studied, there were 282 violent events or acts.


An open discussion on Zee – Jindal controversy at CMS Saket 2012

Two senior journalists of Zee News were arrested when a sting operation was carried out by steel tycoon and Congress MP Naveen Jindal who accused the channel of extortion. An open discussion happened at CMS Saket regarding the given controversy.

Coverage in Telugu News channels on the controversy over YSR’s death 2011.

The death of Andhra Pradesh’s then Chief Minister in an air crash was highly disturbing news. The study analysis by the CMS media lab was how the Telugu news channels credibility suffer when they speculate in uncertain scenario.

Workshop on Content Analysis at IIMC Delhi 2011

This workshop gave introduction to students about the content analysis process and who this tool can improve the quality of content and priories of journalism.

Coverage of Anna Hazare in News Media 2011

This study analyses the role of news media and its effect when it aligned with agitation. Basically, the analysis was on how much coverage was given by TV news channels and newspapers to Anna Hazare for his Indian anti-corruption movement.

Lok Sabha Election 2014

CMS has been tracking a couple of prominent NEWS channels for nearly a decade and analyzing their contents. To bring out the nature of coverage of 2014 Lok Sabha election, CMS analysed the periodic reports of its Media Lab. Five news channels (two English and three Hindi), namely NDTV, 24x7 Aajtak, ABP NEWS, Zee NEWS and CNN IBN, were tracked to reflect the scope of coverage of NEWS media in general and of NEWS channels in particular. This monograph presents highlights of this analysis.

Coverage of Corruption -2011

This study involves analysis of primetime (7– 11 pm) coverage of corruption by news media. It included front pages of six newspapers and AIR news.The extent of corruption covered in news media doubled in 2010. In 2011, it was well over eight percent of prime time and six percent of front pages. But on days of Anna’s fast that coverage overall went up to over 60 percent of prime time of news channels and mostly live coverage.


Coverage of Varanasi Blast 2006

While live television has proliferated in India, there has been little examination of how our news channels cover terrorist incidents at home. The study also analyses how media plays its role and responsibilities in disseminating information to the public.

OBC reservation controversy 2006

The OBC reservation controversy emerged when the Indian National Congress-headed multiparty coalition United Progressive Alliance, to implement reservations for the OBCs in central and private institutes of higher education. An analysis was done by the CMS Media Lab to find out how much coverage various news channels were giving to this news.

Clutter on TV News screen- 2010

Our efforts are to provide an informed discourse leading to a more accountable and thriving media in our country. On this subject of screen clutter of news bulletins, we would like to hear from channels themselves on why and how they do this.

Analysis of Climate Change and related items (“Eenadu, Andhra Jyothy and “Vaartha”) for the period of three months, 2010

This study identifies editorial priorities given to issues related to climate change in Telugu Newspapers in terms of number of stories, space and positioning, etc.

Translation of 246 articles and news items on climate change and related items for Potsdam Institute for           Climate Impact Research (PIK), German University. 2010

Coverage of American President Barack Obama’s visit to India in Telugu News Channels, November 2010.

Barrack Obama arrived in Mumbai, India on 6th November.The study was done to figure out how much coverage the Telugu News Channels did on the news regarding the visit of Barrack Obama to India.

TV news trends & market-2010

This study highlights the content trends based on pattern analysis and ad market size estimation of TV News industry. The study focused on six mainstream 24X7 TV news channels over a five-year period from 2009 to 2013.The year-wise analysis of the news channels revealed that news on politics, sports, entertainment and crime had maximum coverage in five years, while less than one percent of the total time was devoted to issues like environment and wildlife.

Coverage of CWG scam in news media-2010

A number of concerns and controversies surfaced before the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India, which received widespread media coverage.The study measures how different channels covered CWG Scam and their nature of reporting and discussions.

Coverage of 2G scam in TV news channels-2010

2G scam is tagged as one of the largest scam in India by the Indian media considering the amount involved. The study explains how different news channels covered the 2G scam and whether the deserved coverage was given to it or not.

Front page priorities of national newspapers (English and Hindi language)-2010

This study examines what exactly are the foremost priorities of national newspapers to be printed on the first page.

Coverage of corruption in TV news – 2010

This study looks over different news channels as of how they covered the corruption in India in the year of 2010. They even analyzed the amount of coverage provided by the news channels.

Ayodhya verdict coverage by TV news channels-2010

The study measures the amount of coverage given by different news channels on the Ayodhya Verdict and whether this news was given the amount of importance it deserved. The study was also on whether coverage was biased or neutral and how they represented different stakeholders point of view.

An analysis of health related coverage of both print and electronic media for Health Management and Research Institute (HMRI) 2009-10

The study analysed if the print and electroniv media was giving adequate coverage to health related issues and if the desired information about serious diseases was being provided by them or not.                                                                                                                                                              

Coverage of Lok Sabha election in news media-2009

The study involves how different news channels covered the 2009 Lok Sabha Elections and how much coverage was given to it.

Campaign coverage of Political Parties in Telugu Electronic Media-2009.

The study focused on how much coverage was given to the campaigning by Political Parties in the year 2009 by the Telugu News Channels.

Telugu newspapers (Eenadu, Andhra Jyothy and Sakshi) analysis of 2009 Lok Sabha Elections

This study measures how the Telugu newspapers covered the Lok Sabha Elections. The study also involved the analysis about which channel showed how much coverage.

Coverage of Copenhagen summit in Telugu News Channels, December 2009

The 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference, commonly known as the Copenhagen Summit, was held at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, between 7 and 18 December. The study measured if the Copenhagen summit was properly covered by different Telugu News Channels. Study also involved of how much coverage was given by these news channels.

Coverage of SAARC countries in TV news and newspapers, 2008

The following study highlights how TV news and newspapers covered the news regarding SAARC countries.

Front page priorities of national newspapers (English and Hindi language)-2009

This study examines what exactly are the foremost priorities of national newspapers to be printed on the first page.

Coverage of Mumbai attack-2008

The26/11 attack in Mumbai was something no one will ever forget. TheCMS Media Lab did a study on how the TV newspapers and news channels covered the 2008 Mumbai attack. The study also included how media reacts to such man made crisis.

Coverage of Aarushi murder case in TV News channels-2008

The study measured if the news about the Aarushi Murder Case was covered properly by the TV news channels. Almost nothing, in the past or present compares with this kind of media attention, roughly 7,551 minutes or 252 hours of news coverage, special bulletins and talk shows against the 46 minutes devoted to all rape cases in March 2012 and 17 minutes to cases of molestation.

Coverage of political parties on front page of national newspapers-2008

The study highlights if the national newspapers covered detailed information regarding the political parties.

An in-depth analysis of health issues in TV news-2008

The objective of this particular study was to confirm if TV news channels did a complete coverage of all the health issues and if people were being aware about the issues.


TSUNAMI Coverage in News Media 2005

The primary objective of the study was to draw lessons from the coverage, so that communication of health issues could be improved in future natural disastersituations. The detailed objectives of the study are given below:

Bird Flu Arrives in India 2005

To see if TV stations were up to the task, we at the CMS Media Lab looked at three leading Hindi news channels- Aaj Tak, NDTV India and Star News and examined the best primetime coverage in each of them.

Coverage of education in TV 2005

The Media Lab of the Centre for Media Studies conducted a yearlong study of six leading news channels- Aaj Tak, DD News, NDTV India, Sahara Samay, Star News and Zee News during primetime (7-11 PM) in the year 2005. This study reveals a remarkably low overall priority given to stories relating to education. On average, the six channels devoted a miniscule 1.1 % of their news time to education, with one channel devoting as low as 0.7 % of its 7-11 PM news time in 2005.

How effective are sting operations? 2005

The study was done to find out how many sting operations were taking place and how many got successful.2005 could be called the year of the sting operation.What’s needed now is a more sustained commitment from the media to ensuring that the gains they have made are consolidated and the powers that be are held accountable.

Amitabh Bachchan Illness (2005)

Amitabh Bachchcan ended up in Mumbai's Leelavati Hospital with diverticulitis of the small intestine.The CMS Media Lab conducted a study on how much coverage was given by different news channels to the news.

Coverage of terrorist Attack on IIS 2005

The study was to have a look at the coverage of the attack on the Indian Institute of Science (IIS) in Bangalore which raises some interesting points for our television news channels to ponder about.

Television Monitoring Services-Sahara TV Network(2003-05)

The project was to provide a weekly report on content strategy and planning for Sahara TV national and regional channels. They provided detailed qualitative content mapping and analysis with recommendations to improve content quality. This service was based on daily monitoring of TV news channels in different time match.

Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani controversy (2004)

The differences between Ambani brothers over property ownership finally surfaced in 2004. The study was done to find out the amount of coverage provided to this news by various news channels.



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