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CMS Communication team has signed a long term association (LTA) contract with UNICEF India and has been assigned to take up Pre-testing of development communication material in its concept stage, rough cut or scrap stage among the target audience. The appeal, comprehension, relevance and do-ability of the materials are tested before the target audience. Based on this feedback, relevant changes are made in the materials before final production. Pre-testing of materials is not only limited to public service messaging or spots but also involves pre- testing of story boards, episodes of serials and radio programmes meant for children.

This LTA contract has given CMS Communication an opportunity to work extensively on Govt. of India Campaigns on Age of marriage, Salt iodisation, Safe water, HINI, Polio Ravivaar, Hand washing with soap and Men using toilet, etc.


UNICEF developed an innovative and engaging radio programme to communicate with children in rural schools, their educators, parents and community leaders. The radio based entertainment-education show aimed to enhance knowledge and learning among children addresses cross-cutting issues like gender equity and rights of the girl child. CMS Communication was involved in interacting with children since its conception. The observations made by the children on the programme during its pre-testing were interesting and the production agency applied them while developing the future episodes. Rounds of effectiveness study was conducted by CMS to gauge the influence of the programme on children and the situation of logistics where the team interacted with 4500 students of rural schools from 9 districts of Uttar Pradesh.

CMS Communication also conducted impact evaluation of Gali Gali Sim Sim, the India version of Sesame Street of the US. It was a first of its kind study where children in the age group of 6-8 year were interacted to collect their perception about the characters, components, and format of the programme. To understand the impact of such programme on children below the age six of the parents of the kids were interviewed. The suggestion that evolved from the survey helped the Partners to change the timing of the show to reach out to more children of that age.


CMS Communication team reviewed communication strategies and materials of major vector borne diseases of India, HIV/AIDS and other developmental issues and suggested Communication strategies for better reach and impact, making optimal use of the available resources.

Content analysis of episodes of television and radio programmes, Entertainment Education (EE) serials, news and materials is one of the team’s expertise. The Communication team has developed unique methodologies and successfully used them for comprehensive analysis of content. The team has language experts who are experienced in conducting content analysis.

Analysis of content and formats of different programmes done by CMS has helped the Partners in restructuring their programme format for making it popular, entertaining and educative. The findings from “Content Analysis of episodes of Kyunki Jeena Isi ka Naam Hai…the EE Soap” have guided the episode scriptwriters to maintain the balance of EE in the serial, to understand what works with the audience and what impacts the audience most.


Going beyond the conventional method of quantitatively analysing news CMS Communication team offered customised services to government and bilateral agencies. Through qualitative analysis of print & television news, CMS Communication team has tracked portrayal of development issues, their coverage patterns, formats and innovations. The analysis has helped the government and other agencies to design their media advocacy initiatives.

A pioneering work of the communication team is documenting ‘Media Response to HIV in Six countries of Asia’ including Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam; conducted on behalf of Commission on AIDS.

CMS’s analysis of ‘How HIV gets maximum coverage in news’ helped UNICEF design their 360 ° Media Advocacy Campaign in four states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal on Maternal Mortality Reduction issues.

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