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Transparency Review August 2013 - Contents

Is good governance possible without good politics?
Dr N Bhaskara Rao

Of politicians and some verdicts N Gopalaswami

A case against supreme immunity Shailesh Gandhi

Convicted MPs, MLAs should quit, rules SC Liz Mathew & Anuja

RTI best bet for Political Parties Dr N Bhaskara Rao

Ordinance ready to take RTI noose off parties Nagendar Sharma

RTI experience horrifying in UP: Students Amit Verma

“All’s not right after 3 years of RTE”

Govt. to extend e-governance scheme

68% say govt not serious on graft

Food Security & Ordinance … the reality check Alok Srivastava

Change in lifestyle leading to more malnutrition in India Bharat Dogra


The Mean World of Television Serials and Advertisers the case of Telugu Channels Anita Nagulapalli

Without free flow of information, there can be no serious democracy’

Journalists and the economics of truth Swapan Dasgupta

Media cross-holding in cross hairs Prashant Jha