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Positive vibes about ‘new’ National government

Youth in India represent the most dynamic and vibrant segment of the country’s population. One of the key findings of an all-India Youth Expectation Study 2024 (YES 2024) undertaken by Centre for Media Studies (CMS), a well-known research organisation, reflects the same. More than 90% of youth actively participated in electing the government, by either casting their vote or showed willingness to vote, as informed by them during the survey conducted in April – May 2024, while the Parliamentary elections were in progress.

YES-2024 sample spreads across both urban and rural locations of 18 states representing all regions of India. More than 2000+ youth participated. A mix of face-to-face and telephonic survey was conducted among both male and female youth, in the age group of 18-30 years.

Exhibiting positive vibes, most of the youth in the country hold a lots of expectations from the new Union government, considering it as "wada nibhane vala" i.e., as one of doing and keeping up the poll promises. Nevertheless, what worries the youth most are- lack of employment and educational opportunities.

Focus on generating employment opportunities (59%) and better education facilities (41%) are top two expectations of youth of India, across rural and urban locations as well as among female and male youth, from the new government at the national level.

Youth concerns-by demographics

More specifically, on four core governance issues, majority of Indian youth are looking forward ‘for suitable actions’ from the national government. While on the issues of ‘economic prosperity’ as well as ‘peace & security’, there seems to be consensus across the youth of the country, on other two issues- ‘religious harmony’ or ‘better centre-state relationships’, youth in some states, particularly the non-BJP governed states, had concerns.

Religious harmony is a big concern for the youth in states like WB, Manipur, Karnataka and Bihar. They expect the new government to work towards improving it.

Similarly in the states currently or until recently governed by the non-BJP parties, such as Jharkhand (78%), Odisha (69%), Telangana (61%) and Delhi (41%), youth had different opinion and do not expect improvement in relation between the respective state and union governments.

It is, therefore critical for the NDA government at the centre to meet the expectations of the youth of the country if it aims to stand out as a ‘performing government’ in the eyes of aspiring youth, in particular. Loud and clear actions on issues related to fair and transparent examinations at all levels seems to be the first litmus test for this national government.