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Tracking audience engagement in Main Kuch Bhi kar Sakti Hoon- Season 3, PFI Jan-June 2019

CMS is conducting four rounds of survey among viewers and non-viewers of MKBKSH-3 - a 52-episode TV serial drama on Doordarshan, produced by PFI. The four waves will be conducted in Uttar Pradesh, specifically in and beyond the catchment area of Waqt Ki Awaaz Community Radio Station. 300 men and women respondents in the age group of 15-29, will be contacted.  

This is a part of a larger research framework to monitor and evaluate audience engagement which include – i) Television ratings monitoring, ii) Audience surveys (repeated measures), iii) Radio listenership statistics, iv) IVRS call logs and unique callers, v) Digital analytics, vi) Website  vii) Facebook insights (Account access and traffic statistics), viii) Chatbot (individual data tracking and traffic statistics) and ix) Instagram, Twitter, YouTube (traffic statistics). CMS has been working closely with Dr. Arvind Singhal (Advisor to PFI) and Dr. Hua (Helen) Wang, consultant, and for the first time ever in India is using the Galileo approach in survey instrument.