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Rate Your News Channels: Where do they stand?

developed by Alok Srivastava

Television News channels’ presence in India is growing at an unimaginable pace. With around 400 permitted television news channels in the country by January 2020, for a population of more than 1.3 billion, the country is witnessing availability of a variety for the countrymen, literate or illiterate. What is heartening is that television-deprived locations in India are decreasing day by day due to reach of television channels. As true for every aspect, expansion and reach of media has its pros and cons as well.

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Particularly in the recent times, the competition among media houses, uncertainty looming high on the employment status of staff including  news presenters/ anchors in television has increased the race ‘to be first’ in sharing the news. In fact, the race is to present every event/activity more as sensational news rather than a piece of information. It is always welcome to present a news based on in-depth investigation of news but should not be packaged every time with own analysis and judgment of the anchor/journalist or media house’s stand of view. Why then it often happens or you get a feel when you see a news channel that anchor did not have a neutral stand, rather they create a layer of their own perception over the news item. Is it because the new presenters and editors feel that Indian citizens are immature to form an opinion on their own?  In other words, do Indians lack the sense to analyze the right and wrong out of a news-worthy event or activity?

  • TV News Media Assessment Score:  Based on the observation of good and bad news presentation of news articles, features and reports in both electronic and print media,we may draw the image of Indian television news channels using 26 alphabets of English language. Two choices are given for each alphabet and the reader has to select one, as per her/his observation about the television news channels. 

This assessment test by viewer of television news channel will reflect upon its credibility in the eyes of the viewers of news channels.

The final score will thus reflect on the quality of television news channels, based on the score attained. 

How to Calculate:











Very poor

0 or less