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There are more people dying on roads today than from other life threatening diseases in the 20th century. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), road traffic injuries are the eighth leading cause of deaths globally claiming more than 1.24 million lives annually...

A Study on Status of School Participation (6-14 years) and Availing of Health & Nutrition Services (0-6 years) for Children of Migrant Labourers for National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) in six states of India.

Regular monitoring of Rural Development Programmes during Phase-II(2014-15) in four districts of Mizoram for Ministries of Rural Development and Drinking Water & Sanitation.

A Study on Sanitation Facilities in India for Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA):

Bindass Channel (India's leading youth entertainment brand in the television space) and CMS have joined hands for the initiative of "B for Change". Bindass through this initiative brings alive its philosophy of being an enabler

‘Friends for Change’ is a global multi-platform initiative by Disney launched in 2009 inspiring kids and families to join together and make a positive impact on the world. The mission is to provide information, tools, encouragement and inspiration to become stewards of change.

Faculty Development Programme – To Support Research And Innovation In Media Institutions In India And The United Kingdom is a project funded by UKIERI. This project envisions faculty development as the mode to develop quality standards and standardizations in this sector. This is based on the belief that faculty are key for enabling research culture and innovation in this sector.

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CMS speaks at various forums on issues ranging from environmental concerns to HIV/ AIDS, Broadcast Bill to election analysis, Right to Information to corruption studies. Its critical research is regularly referred by policymakers, media and corporates. The Centre has been articulating its vital concerns from important platforms by presenting papers and engaging in debates and discussions, which are widely covered by the media.

Delivering Corruption-free Public Services, Dr N Bhaskara Rao                 

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