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Project List

Title Year
Workshop on Content Analysis at IIMC Delhi 2011 2011
Baseline Survey for BAIF Livestock Development Programme “Godhan” in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar, 2011, BAIF Development Research Foundation 2011
Pre-test of Facilitators’ Guidebook and Video Guide for implementing Ammaji Kehti Hai videos, 2010-11.  2011
Himachal Assembly Opinion Poll (68 constituencies) 2011
Coverage in Telugu News channels on the controversy over YSR’s death 2011. 2011
Designing and pretest of Pre and Post session evaluation tools for 42 interactive FFL videos ‘Ammaji Kehti hai’2010-11.  2011
Punjab Assembly Opinion Poll, (68 constituencies) 2011
Round 1 & 2 Effectiveness Study of Meena Ki Duniya Radio Programme in Uttar Pradesh, 2010-11. 2011
3rd UNICEF Awards 2011 – UNICEF 2011
Goa Assembly Opinion Poll, (40 constituencies) 2011
Communicating Climate Change in India and UK: A Reception Study, 2009-2011 2011
‘Galli Galli Sim Sim’ impact study, 2010-11.  2011
Disney India VoluntEARS Day, 2010 (New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata) 2010
Coverage of 2G scam in TV news channels-2010 2010
Coverage of CWG scam in news media-2010 2010
Assessment of the Jalmani Programme (Stand Alone Water Purification System-SAWPS) in Rural India, 2010
Pre-test of 42 interactive Facts For Life (FFL) Videos ‘Ammaji Kehti hai,’ 2009-10. 2010
TV news trends & market-2010 2010
Coverage of American President Barack Obama’s visit to India in Telugu News Channels, November 2010. 2010
A Follow-up Facility assessment and Trainer’s assessment survey in Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, 2009-10, Ipas Development Foundation, India 2010