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Project List

Title Year
PLAN India National Consultation on School WASH 2013– Plan India 2013
Communication Scoping study to engage 18 select SC and ST population groups in 5 states, Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Jharkhand, & Uttar Pradesh, 2013 2013
5th UNICEF Programmes for Children Related Programmes in Telegu TV channels 2013 –UNICEF 2013
Independent Audit of Implementation of CCC of Ministries/Departments of Government of India, Performance Management Division, 2013, Cabinet Secretariat, GoI 2013
Regular Monitoring of Centrally Sponsored Rural Development Programmes and Schemes in two districts of Uttar Pradesh, Phase I, 2012-13, Ministry of Rural Development, GoI 2013
End line Evaluation of Changing young women’s knowledge, attitude and skills on sexual and reproductive health issues through community-level intervention in two districts of Jharkhand, 2013, Ipas DevelopmentFoundation 2013
An Analysis of Coverage of Violence in Telugu TV Serials 2012-13 2013
Coverage of Health Issues in print media-2013 2013
Rapid Assessment Survey for BAIF Livestock Development Programme “Godhan” (RAS-II), in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar, 2013, BAIF Development Research Foundation 2013
Greening Young Minds – Phase II (July 2012-March 2013) 2013
DD News Content Structure and Presentation -2013 2013
Evaluation of a multi-pronged intervention to improve access to safe abortion care in selected districts of Madhya Pradesh-A baseline study, 2013, Ipas Development Foundation 2013
Delhi Gang Rape Coverage in TV News-2012-13 2013
Coverage of Tehelka Sex Scandal in TV News -2013 2013
Evaluation of Accreditation of Private Sector Health Facilities for Provision of comprehensive Abortion Care Services: A New Initiative of State Government of Bihar, 2013, Ipas Development Foundation 2013
2013 Plan Best WASH Schools Awards.  2013
India Corruption Study Focusing on Women Users of Public Services (2013) 2013
Mid-term assessment of OCP-Agriculture Extension Services project in Karnataka, 2012, OCP Foundation, Morocco 2012
4th UNICEF Awards 2012 – UNICEF 2012
Rapid Assessment Survey for BAIF Livestock Development Programme “Godhan” (RAS-I), in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar, 2012, BAIF Development Research Foundation 2012