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How we work ?


We believe that, “Research is not an end in itself but a means and an objective way of leading to advocacy, empowering and achieving social equity.” Research can guide us through change and should inform decision making and public policy. We also believe that local knowledge and values are vital in building sustainable lives. Our approach is collaborative and stakeholder involvement has always been at the crux of what we do. Our projects help to build capacity and strengthen institutions to equip our partners for the long term.

CMS works in 8 dynamic teams which synergise their efforts to promote equitable development & responsive governance in the country: 

Social Environment Communication advocacy
academy Transparency medialab survey

The first four teams focus on the core themes of CMS research. The last four teams focus on specialised services provided by CMS. Together, these teams have developed a number of initiatives that are pioneering and remarkably popular. Some of these include:

CMS VATAVARAN-environment and wildlife film festival and forum 

CMS Symbols- communication for social development forum 

CMS ENVIS Centre-information resource centre on environment 

India Corruption Study-annual studies on corruption in public services 

In a nutshell, CMS promotes active citizenry by engaging corporations, creating media alliances, supporting policy makers and developing civil society partnerships to address emerging national challenges.