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CMS Corner


  • Dr. Deya Roy, Head- CMS Environment, M.Phil. (Science Policy) Ph.D (Environmental Management), Dpl (Environment Law & Journalism)
  • Ms. Ileena Roy, Research Executive, BA (Hons) Economics, MA (Environment & Development)
  • Ms. Preeti Kashyap, Executive - Envis Centre, M.Sc. (Mass Communication, Advt & Journalism), Dpl (Comp App & Web Designing)


Mr Amlendu Bikash Paul, Wash Specialist

Ms Bijaya Sharma, Editor

Prof C R Babu, Restoration Ecology

Dr Dilip Biswas, Former Chairperson, CPCB

Dr Duke Ghosh , Climate Change and Economist

Ms Leema Rosalind, Environmental Education and Outreach

Prof Murari Lal, Regional and Local Climate Change and Adaptation

Ms Payal B Malur, Environmental Outreach

Mr Sanjeev Sharma, Environmental Management and International Development cooperation

Ms Seema Bhatt, Biodiversity, Livelihoods and Ecotourism

Dr Sukumar Devotta, Environmental Engineering and EIA, Former Director, NEERI

Dr Sumana Bhattacharya , Climate Change Adaptation

Mr Tapan Chowdhury, Water and Sanitation and Disaster Management

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