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Articles and Research Papers

Dr N Bhaskara Rao (2016): N Bhaskara Rao: Modi scores higher than NDA|May 27,2016

Dr N Bhaskara Rao (2016): Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas should be the yardstick for second year celebrations of Modi Government THE HANS INDIA |May 27,2016

Dr N Bhaskara Rao (2016): UNESCO should reopen debate on media freedom.THE HANS INDIA |May 03,2016

Dr N Bhaskara Rao (2016): Why public schools are being pushed to a close down?THE HANS INDIA |April 13,2016

Anita Nagulapalli, CMS Hyderabad and Padmaja Shaw (2015): Advertisers and the Mean World of Telugu Television Serials. November

Dr N Bhaskara Rao (2015): High time we debate role of Public and Private Schools . October

Dr N Bhaskara Rao (2015): RTI does not hamper, it is best bet for Political Parties . August

Dr N Bhaskara Rao (2015): Smart cities best bet for rejuvenating urban India.. March

Dr N Bhaskara Rao (2015): Is privatizing primary education a national pursuit?. March

Dr N Bhaskara Rao (2014): Media driven 2014 polls. May

Mr Alok Srivastava (2014): Implementation of Citizens’/Clients’ Charter of Central Departments: An Independent Audit. March

Rahul Amit (2014): “Disability and Sustainability”, Thumb Print Magazine. February

Srivastava Alok (2013): “Use Mobile Phones to Fight Malnutrition”, Vidura, October-December

Rahul Amit (2013): “Community Life in Nagaland”, Thumb Print Magazine, December

Warvadekar Kirti (2013): “Uncertainties of Immunity; A Case of Migrant Worker’s Children”, Thumb Print Magazine’s December

Jha, Anand Anjani (2013): Development of Digital Information Centre. Presented in “National Conference on Managing Information Resources in Digital Environment”, September 21,2013. New Delhi: Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine.

Srivastava Alok (2013): “SMS and Malnutrition” The Thumb Print Magazine, September

Srivastava Alok, paper on ‘Ethical Challenges for Social Research in India’ accepted for International Conference on Ethics in Human Research - ICEHR 2013, to be held on November 18-19, 2013 in London, UK.

Nagulapalli Anita,CMS Hyderabad and Padmaja Shaw, Department of Communication and Journalism, Osmania University, Hyderabad :“Advertisers and the Mean World of Telugu Television Serials” republished the same article with different introduction in the Hans India

Srivastava Alok (2013): “Food Security & Ordinance…the reality check”, for Transparency Review, August 2013

Rahul Amit and Srivastava Alok (2013): “Redefining Tribal Development in India: Need for Holistic and Participatory Approach”, in book “Emancipation of Tribes & Human Rights in India”, Pentagon Press, New Delhi

Rahul Amit (2013): “Migrants as Agents of Social Change”, Published in Third Concept

Medasani Anita (2013): “The real mean world of mega serials”, Vidura (Apr-June 2013) Volume-05 Issue 02, Page no. 10-12

Srivastava Alok (2013): “Online services: How effective are they?”, Vidura (Apr-June 2013) Volume- 05 Issue 02, Page no. 21-23